How to register

Conditions and rules for registration

CERTALARM requires that manufacturers and service providers intending to submit products or services for certification first register with CERTALARM. This will permit the CERTALARM database to be prepared for details of all product or service certificates issued. This registration is valid for any certification body working in the CERTALARM scheme.
There is a once-only charge for this registration to cover the costs associated with setting up the database and introducing you to all partner organisations (see FAQ Charges for current rate).
Prior to registering, please familiarise yourself with the rights and responsibilities identified in the CERTALARM Scheme Rules Part 1 and particularly clause 7.2.


To register, please complete the application form (word / pdf), print and – after checking the print-out for accuracy – sign the application and send it, with the appropriate fee (payable to CERTALARM), to:

Boulevard Edmond Machtens 180
1080 Brussels

If before registering you wish to further discuss your requirement with us please contact us via email and the CERTALARM technical manager will contact you